Thursday, January 1, 2009


INDULGENCE …the word usually carries a negative connotation … Michelin starred restaurants, days of spa treatments, diamond necklaces, Rolex watches, around the world cruises, etc.. But the true meaning of indulgence … unrestrained pleasure … applies to many simpler aspects of life. Home grown summer tomatoes, big juicy blackberries, fresh baked bread, wine from a local vineyard, a room in a small palazzo in Tuscany, fresh papaya in Hawaii …. I could go on and on about indulging in the simple pleasures of travel, food, wine, art and gardens. That is what this blog will do.

A profession in travel has allowed me many indulgences … and the ability to share it with fellow travelers. This blog will give my friends an opportunity to experience, through words, some of my favorite places. Maybe a family recipe for fried dill pickles, a special museum in my home town (or abroad), the construction of a mega resort in Las Vegas, the simple pleasure of an urban garden.

The world is full of indulgences…simple and grandiose, I want to share my experiences and hope you will join me in future adventures.