Sunday, January 18, 2009


One of the most interesting segments of my life is about to end. For two years my husband and I have carried on a long distance marriage, me at home in Overland Park and he at work in Las Vegas. No, he wasn’t playing in the casinos, but coordinating construction of Steve Wynn’s newest hotel and casino …The Encore at the Wynn. The hotel and casino are now open and filled to the brim (at least during the recent Consumer Electronics Show).

Last May I had the pleasure of touring the hotel, wearing hard hat and boots, tripping over pneumatic hoses and dodging dangling electrical wire. Then we went to the roof, something not too many people will ever have the opportunity to do. Here is the proof!
Now take a look at Steve Wynn on the roof! (You might have to cut and paste the link into your browser.)

People who haven’t been to Las Vegas in many years, ask where the Wynn and Encore are located. If you recall the Desert Inn (it had a golf course) that is where Wynn and Encore stand. Sadly, there is rumor that the golf course may give way to additional condominiums, but for now it is a green oasis with a $500 fee for 18 holes. Personally I think the hotel/casino complex is the classiest looking structures in the “City of Sin” and no dollars were spared to make them absolutely gorgeous. Both are decorated in a style to attract visitors from Asia where gambling is a popular pass-time.

Are there bargains in Vegas? For now room rates are lower than usual to attract business in a weak economy, unless there is a big convention is in town…then they go back up. Dining out in signature restaurants is not inexpensive and a really good meal with pre-dinner drink, appetizer, entrée, dessert and wine will average $100 and up per person. But Bill’s experience is quality is very high. His personal favorite is SW at the Wynn. I had the best crème brulee of my traveling life while there. Better than Paris. For Italian we like Enoteca San Marco in The Venetian Hotel. Developed by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich…it is so authentic.

So the excitement is over! We have both learned a lot … negotiating the Southwest Airlines web-site, arriving and departing McCarran Airport, the best meat market in Vegas (Larry’s Western Meats), Trader Joe’s (sure wish Kansas City had one) and some of the worst driver’s in the world. We also learned how much we take for granted about living in the mid-west … green grass, green trees (not now!), fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden or a local farmer.

So in a few days I’ll fly to Vegas and help pack the Trailblazer, clean the condo and then a two day drive home. Hope the weather cooperates!

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Kay Johnston Tucker said...

My best wishes to you and Bill! How fun, learning to live together asll over again!